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Emma - Goddes of Tennis Breaks 5,000!!!

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What is there to say, no complements can meet your standards :)~ :rofl_2:

Great job Emma, I'm glad you stuck around and hopefully have seen how much you are loved on this board :not worthy:

Please Keep it up ://


The last 200 I helped her with :rofl_2:

JK girly; good job. You're a kool kitten to be sure ;-()

Congrats on 5K Emma.  :applause: :cloud 9:

Nicely done!  10K here you come!


--- Quote from: Tennis4you on June 25, 2009, 04:10:25 PM ---Nicely done!  10K here you come!

--- End quote ---

Not a chance; I'm bound and determind to run her a## out of here 1st. :))


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