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Put your Club on the Internet now!


Ralph Wylam:
Save advertising, printing and communication  costs by putting your club on the internet.

For those Clubs or Hotels who are not on the internet and do not want the trouble, delay and expense of creating a specially designed web site offer an ‘Online Notice Board’  This is a fully editable web page which is similar to the Notice Board any Club would have in a pavilion where notices can be ‘put up’ or ‘taken down’.  The ‘On Line Notice Board’ could include details of the facilities, number of courts, dates for your diary, social events,  team selections, results of matches and tournaments and items of general interest.  Please visit to see an example.

The advantages of an ‘On Line Notice Board’ compared with a conventional web site are that there are

    No design charges
    No hosting charges
    No delay (the site is online instantaneously)
    The site is fully editable by anyone with the ‘username’ and ‘password’
    No technical knowledge is needed (only the ability to type)
    Registration can be made online and is instantaneous
    Inexpensive  £75 or equivalent per annum

You can get your own club web page today by visiting and registering online.


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