Author Topic: Posting Regulations and Non-Match Discussions; NEWBIES PLEASE READ FIRST!  (Read 160 times)

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Hi all-

I'm back, and felt that we need a catch-all thread for regulations, questions and non-match discussions. So here it is! I will try to keep this among the first one or two topics ALWAYS, so Newbies can read it.

Here are the off-my-cuff instructions for this forum:

1) Posting a new topic is ONLY done when you include a match in your topic
2) Requests for matches not covered in topics already on the forum should be done in the REQUESTS thread. If there is a topic covering the match you want, ask in that topic!
3) You cannot post a link until you have FIVE posts on the forum (helps prevent SPAM)
4) Request matches anyone posts in their thread if the link is broken or no link is listed (as in my sdede thread)
5) Sticky topics are tournaments and not individual's matches
6) Grand slams remain sticky for three months after last post
7) All other tournaments remain sticky for two months after last post
8) If you don't see it, SEARCH for it before asking; saves all of our time
9) This thread *is* for asking general questions, and NOT for asking about matches. Any requests for matches here will be moved to the REQUESTS thread.
10) (someone asked): All of the "tennis novice, tennis master, tennis god..." just count the amount of posts you have... that's all!

And last (for now) but certainly not least:

We are all human and make mistakes or omissions, or don't have enough time to do what we wanted to do, etc, etc. Forgive and respect the other! No flaming!

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to RG!!! ENJOY!!!!
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