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hi all, im product design student.i need some comments bout tennis ball machine.
Thanx a lot for ur answers!

1. who's the majority user of tennis ball machine?
    ( the pros ? club players? coaches? or....?)

2. Have u ever use tat?do u like it? Y/N? WHY?

3. Do u have any problems when using it?

4. What are the aspects u most look into?how would u like it to be?
     (  function? weight? aesthetic? price? brand?or.....etc)

I don't know the answer to your questions, but I do know you better improve your written communication skills before you graduate!

If you speak french (as I can see from your user name) then post it in french.  I'll happily translate it for you.

I just looked up TAT ball machines and found nothing.  Can someone clue me in, or do we all need clued in at this point in time..


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