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--- Quote from: SerenaVeeFan on March 10, 2011, 02:38:29 AM ---She cheated in match with Serena RG 2003. She admitted. :mad1:

--- End quote ---

As we all learn; in Pro Sports: There a lot of cheating going on.  It just to competitive given the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and fame.


While surfing came up an interview with Justine dated June 7, 2012 at Roland Garros.

"Justine, what is your biggest fear?
Being abandoned. Iím afraid of being alone, like most people I guess. But Iím doing everything I can to make sure that doesnít happen (smiles). Otherwise I donít have any phobias, really, no specific fears to speak of.

What is the first dream you made come true?
When I was a kid, I lived for tennis, and there wasnít much room for anything else. When I was a teenager, I had posters of Steffi Graf in my room, and I dreamt of winning the French Open. So when I met her and won here, I made two big dreams come true. A bit later, when I was 22, I went skydiving Ė that was something else Iíd dreamed of doing.

When were you most angry with Carlos Rodriguez (her coach)?
I was angry a lot, but I usually managed to keep it in (smiles). I remember one time when I really exploded. It was at Amelia Island, during a match against Conchita Martinez in 2004. I wasnít feeling very well and later we found out that I had a virus Ė a bit like glandular fever. Carlos took me aside and started bawling me out on the side of the court, because I was playing so badly. I found that really unfair, so for once I yelled back. I really got stuck into him and he left the court. He never did that again. He was always pretty hard on me, but I knew it was for my own good. That particular time, I resented it. Generally speaking, I was lucky to have Carlos, but he was also lucky to have a player that put up with him for fifteen years (smiles).     

What were the first tears you shed as a player?
I didnít cry very much and I wasnít very good at showing I was happy, even on momentous occasions. The only time I let myself go was when I was alone in my hotel room after a difficult loss. But when I played, I kept my emotions under control. Maybe too much. I was a machine, and now I regret it. It would have been good to show how I felt more, like men do sometimes at the end of tournaments. They keep it all in until the end, and after they win or lose in the final, they show how they feel and itís quite touching. Even if I won a Grand Slam, I never let what I was feeling show.

What is your biggest superstition?
I always ate at the same restaurants during tournaments. I even had one restaurant for rest days and another for match days. And I always wanted to sit on the same side of the umpire and I never walked on the lines. I was really superstitious (smiles). We pretty much all are on circuit. We know that it doesnít change anything, but itís reassuring, it lets us get our bearings and focus on details when things arenít going well. Now Iím not at all superstitious Ė Iíve taken a step back and I can see that it was ridiculous (smiles).

When did you realise you were famous?
At an event that made a major impression on me and left me speechless Ė it was when I went back to Brussels after winning the French Open in 2003. I was 21 and there were 10,000 people waiting on the Grand Place to celebrate and cheer me on. Youíre never really prepared for moments like those, especially considering that ten minutes before I went out onto the hotel balcony there was absolutely nobody out there. Iím pretty shy, and I was worried things would go badly. Seeing so many people made me realise how things had changed for me, but also how much impact I could have on people.

If you could go back in time for an hour, what would you change?
Iíd say goodbye to my mum. I didnít think sheíd leave us so quickly and I regret that I wasn't able to talk to her more or take her in my arms. If weíre talking sport, Iíd go back to my Wimbledon final against Amelie Mauresmo in 2006. Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam I didnít win, but after taking the first set 6-2, I didnít have the mental or physical strength to finish the match. I was one set away from winning Wimbledon and it slipped through my fingers. It just wasnít meant to be. Iím a great believer in destiny, so thatís what I think. But if I could go back to that final and find the energy to take another set, Iíd do it in a heartbeat (smiles).   

Have you ever cheated on court?
Honestly, never. There was that time playing Serena in 2003 when I raised my hand to say I wasnít ready for the serve (Justine Henin raised her hand to indicate she wasnít ready for Serenaís serve. However, she did not confirm this to the umpire, and Serena was surprised to not be given the benefit of a first serve. This made a few waves). But otherwise, honesty is very important to me. Iím not capable of openly cheating. When young players cheat at my academy, I put a stop to it immediately.   

What is your worst character trait?
I have trouble keeping up friendships. Iím bad at keeping in touch with friends who live far away, and itís a real pity, because I like people and sharing things. Iím a very intense person Ė when I give, I give everything. But when I cut myself off and burn bridges, Iím not pretending. Iíve always been really erratic in keeping up friendships, Iím not good at creating long-term relationships. But Iím looking for a bit more stability and Iím really working on it. In thirty yearsí time, I hope Iíll be able to say that Iíve known my friends for twenty years. 

News on Justine Henin continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.


Just update on Justine!  She supposely is in love with a guy and is in a relationship!  I just did not have the time to post a picture but the guy looks similar to her ex-coach of long standing.   I guess; after all; love finally means something after all in to Justine other then nothing!  If she gets marry; I do see her coming back!  BenoÓt Bertuzzo is the name of her boyfriend!

"Seven-time Grand Slam tennis champion Justine Henin is expecting her first child."


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