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James Blake Discussion, Appreciation and Videos Thread!!!

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I thought I would start one about a guy who is as lovable and skilled as him!

Bad luck to run into Nadal so early two tournaments in a row.  He held his own though. 

Blake is going to Brisbane in 09!!! Yay, I'll see him there! Confirmed by, here is alink to the article:

Crowd favourite James Blake is bound for Brisbane this January.
The former world No.4 is the latest addition to an already strong line-up at Brisbane International 2010.
“The Brisbane International will be great to start my Australian Open preparation.  I have heard great things about the event and I have never had the opportunity to visit,” Blake said.
“I am excited to be making my debut next year and experiencing the new tournament and tennis complex in Brisbane.”
“Tennis fans in Australia have always been very supportive so I hope they will get behind me during what I hear is a fantastic event.”


--- Quote from: TheEternalCowboy on October 22, 2009, 01:45:15 AM ---Bad luck to run into Nadal so early two tournaments in a row.  He held his own though. 

--- End quote ---

Yeah, he took him very close though and nadal only just got through. He has now changed coach, splitting with Brian Barker who coached since the age of 12! Kelly Jones is doing a good job, and he is playing awesome tennis that if he continues will re-unite with a top 10 ranking! Hopefully, he will do well in Valencia!

It would be great to see Blake make an Agassi like resurgence in 2010.


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