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hey , I have seen a great shot in one video

so I hope that I can have the whole match though Fed lost taht game.

Here is the link of the Video enjoy it   ://

The shot begins from 1:50 ,ends at 2:23

The commentary is Chinese , here comes my translation:
After the match (2009,US semi),when having an interview ,Roger Federer said that shot between his legs is the greatest point in his tennis career . (but I think ) the king of tennis is modest. To take a broad view of his tennis career , the classic shot made by his magical right hand is not that alone . It`s not the number of champions but his graceful style that impresses the tennis fans all over the world.
In fact ,he has played this trick---- the shot between legs in Dubai in 2007. The victim is from Italian named ****.
Except the shot between legs , genius tennis players have countless ways to make cross shot when they are back to the court.
In AO 2009 , in the face of Seppi , Federer created a -----“super multi” (a Chinese idiom ,hard to translate ,that skill others can,t imitate ) called “turn back the head and see the moon”(same a Chinese idiom , meaning that he makes the shot when turning his head back to the court )
In 2005 Debai, in the face cleverest ever Agassi, Federer once again showed his greater talent.
In 2008 Cincinnati, in the face of  Karlovic who is 2.08m in height, Ferder made an air rod ,made 180 and used his backhand to cross his opponent.
In 2009 Wimbeldon , Federer  formally turned into the GOAT because he always has the more shortcut to the victory.
It seems that people ignore that Federer is a defender master for he has so omnipotent and strong attack ability.
Certainly, in face of the opponent`s Provocation , Federer like to react to the violence with violence. This shot is a gift given to Djocvic in last year`s US semi.
And, what will his performance be in the Us open of the next year?
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