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Rios has officially retired, he did so with a win over the #7 player in the world (Coria)    I guess he is having back problems.  This guy was so friggin good it was sick, but his motivation and dedication seemed to have a serious lacking during his career.  I would of loved to see what this guy could of done.

Offical article:

MC ill Logic:
If he was still playing he would be at the top of the list of somebody Brad Gilbert should look into coaching.  s**tloads of talent.  Up there with Federer and Safin.

MC ill Logic:
The Tennis Channel's been airing a show called Muchos Rios.  I've heard more than a few times that Rios was a must see Live type of player.  After watching the show I started to feel great pangs of regret for never having seen him play live.  I could have seen him at the US Open from 1998 to 2002.  

So if he ever joins the senior tour, for which he qualifies, I'm going to make sure I see him play no matter what.

And in typical fashion, after watching the show I'm tempted to rethink my forehand motion to add more whip to the shot.  Rios had a very compact motion but generated a lot of racket head speed.  I think I'm going to try to implement some of his forehand technique.  I especially like the way he takes the racket back.

If I actually recall correctly (which is rare of coarse) someone did a study on how much spin the pros were hitting on the ball when they served the ball.

Sampras was almost twice as much as EVERYONE else in the pros.  The one person they mentioned that actually had more spin that Sampras was Rios.

What is Muchos Rios about?  I love that title...

MC ill Logic:
Muchos Rios is a show about his rise to number one.  So it must be about 7 or 8 years old.  So much wasted potential.  It's too bad he got injured.  

He recently beat Coria in a farewell exhibition match.  Who knows how hard they were both trying but Coria said he could still be winning tournaments.  

Yeah, I remember that study, Scott.  Rios put more spin on his serve than anybody.  Sampras had the highest combination of spin AND pace.

When Rios was the best player in the world I remember people always commenting about how potent his serve was for a "short" guy.  Agassi, after he lost that finals that made Rios number one, said he wasn't expecting Rios' serve to be so big.  It had a lot of action on it and he moved it around much like Federer does today.  Plus he was a lefty.  Incredibly talent.  And I think he picked up a racket relatively late in life.


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