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Djokovic Champion:

--- Quote from: MsTree on January 03, 2010, 02:23:58 AM ---Documentaries
Beyond the Glory (Sampras)
Spirit of a Champion (Federer)
The Making of a Champion on YouTube (Federer) & d/l
Agassi biog from the Tennis Channel
Sampras biog from the Tennis Channel
Ashe biog from the Tennis Channel
Federer mini documentary from the Tennis Channel
Legends of Wimbledon – Pete Sampras
Agassi and Graf Deux Jours, un destin (Youtube)
Andre Agassi ~ "Open" (audio book)

Player Threads
Federer’s GS Finals
Federer’s GS highlights 
Federer’s TMC matches
Nadal highlights
Marat Safin matches & highlights
Elena Dementieva matches

Random clips
Shoalin's Federer Points compilations 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
HateM's “Young Federer” highlights
Fgzhu88’s Federer highlights
Fgzhu88's Federer highlights - Beautiful Touch
Anon 2006 Federer highlights
Erich's 2007 Federer highlights
federbr's 2008 Federer highlights
Aces' 2009 Federer highlights HD
Loz's 2009 Federer highlights
Arnold's Federer Highlights 2001 - 2006
VerdascoRules 2009 highlights of Verdasco
Roddick on Friday night with Jonathon Ross
Blake's tweener from DC 2007

YouTube Collections
I have neither the time nor the inclination to index all the YouTube clips posted, half of them have been removed anyway, but if someone else wants to have a go I can link to your post from here
Sampras 1 / 2
Federer 1
Murray 1

Official ATP Highlights thread ~
HD highlights thread ~
Erich’s highlight thread ~ (not yet indexed)
WTA highlights thread ~
Super points thread ~
Lessons thread ~ &
Video Resources thread ~
Funny thread ~
T4U Plays of the Week ~
Interviews thread ~
Fastest Forehands ~
Longest rallies ~
Video Editing Software ~
Video Encoding software ~
Video Encoding for iPhones  ~
How to play HD videos on your computer ~
Embedded Chinese streaming videos 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 /

--- End quote ---

Thank you. Do you have Nadal vs Murray Rotterdam 2009?

Full match:

Djokovic Champion:

--- Quote from: jianzi25697 on April 10, 2012, 02:49:55 AM ---Full match:

--- End quote ---

Post in youtube, please.

They are a problem with the first page, i can't saw it. I have a white page, it is normal ?

I left this here more as a tribute to Ms.Tree (who is still around but hasn't been on the forum for quite a while).

Virtually none of the links work.

I will "retire" the thread after Wimbly.


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