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Couple of cool vids. Our problems are smaller than we think.  ..-)

The Known Universe by AMNH

Hubble Deep Field: The Most Imp. Image Ever Taken (Redux)


wow. nice videos. enjoyed them, thanks Swish :H

Wow, truly amazing. Really puts everything into perspective. Or does it?

The Largest Black Holes in the Universe

Yeah I remember 1st time seeing that video of the known universe, I was blown away. Def, one of my fave yt videos..

Also, a very good watch which I own: Cosmos by Carl Sagan and The Universe by History Channel. 'The Universe' is very good in first few seasons, and then it starts to repeat itself and aim much more towards fiction than science. But still pretty solid attempt...
Cosmos by Sagan is prolly still the best universe thingy out there..


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