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--- Quote from: Lugburz on August 01, 2012, 02:44:47 AM ---Oi don't spoil this phenomenal thread with tennis  :mad1: ..-)

Btw if anyone has some recommendations about some tv series or documentaries, I'm all ears...  :)~

Let's see what I've watched so far....
Cosmos 1980 by Carl Sagan
The Universe History Channel 2007-

Also about to watch ''Through the wormhole'' with all mighty Morgan Freeman  :not worthy:

My friend mentioned me smth called ''Hubble's Canvas'', so anyone actually saw it?

--- End quote ---

Haven't seen this one, actually every once in awhile I do some searching and if I find anything new I post it here.

The Mars 'Curiosity' rover has landed  :thumbs-up:


--- Quote from: Lugburz on August 07, 2012, 09:31:52 PM ---The Mars 'Curiosity' rover has landed  :thumbs-up:

--- End quote ---

Cool, I guess we'll be getting some data soon.

Birth of a Black Hole

Orange Wombat:
mind-blowing  :scared:


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