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I suppose it's fitting that I keep an online journal since I keep a "in real life" journal as well.  :)  

Let's see...what's my history with the game of tennis?  I took a Summer class once while in middle school but just like all the other interests I had when I was young, it wasn't cultivated or encouraged by the coach or my parents (they worked 2nd shift and couldn't be there for me).  Despite enjoying the lessons I ended up quitting pretty early on because I had to walk over to the high school by myself and it seemed like no one cared anyway, so why should I?

And then I met Scott my freshman year of college and it was tennis this, architecture that, lifting weights this and tennis that.  He was (and still is) SUCH a driven guy.  Whatever he gives his full attention to it is receiving his absolute best and completed to the highest degree possible.  That's why I do my best to keep his full attention on ME!!  :wub:  So I loved tennis b/c he loved/loves it so much.  We took a semester course of it and he, of course, received an A and I think I got a B or something close to it.  But I still didn't PLAY or have real interest in tennis for myself.

Like I said in my introduction, every time I would watch a match Scott has played I had this tugging feeling "MAN, I KNOW I could do this and I want to."  But it was never a good time for me with working, Scott's tennis, kids, kids and more kids.  NOW is my time!  I called a local club and asked if they could possibly squeeze me into some lessons that were already in process and they did.

My first lesson was last Sunday and it went as well as could be expected for a real beginner.  The pro had us do about ten minutes of body motions only so we could have our brains/body feel and see what it should be doing when we are going through each stroke.  It was kinda goofy but I get it. Then we bounced the ball and balanced it a little...bor-ing!   :ZZZZZ)  But then we got to practice hitting the ball, which I loved! Oooh, the pure thrill when the ball hits that sweet spot and soars across the court!  It didn't even have to go fact, it went across the courts and nearly hit the other pro, but who cares...I hit it!  

Gotta scoot for now - more later though!  

Fun to read both parts of your post!
Hitting with a pro is always encouraging because he/she feeds the ball so well. In addition, they keep harping on the bad mistakes. Eventually one corrects just to get some peace.
Group classes are not as good tennis wise but they do have their social aspects. I gave up going to a class some years ago but each of the four groups I regularly play with now syarted with a social connection from there and I'm glad I went.

Loved reading your journal entry.  And, loved even more that you have found an outlet for that passion.  It's a bit sad that no one cared.  We all need that when we embark on a journey of exploration, learning, and accomplishing.  KEEP AT IT!!

I, too, have that thrill of getting on the court and hitting the sweet spot, or aceing my opponent, or, getting that shot in that I never got in before.  That's what keeps you coming back.

If you read my journal entry, you'll see that I'm on the other end of the age spectrum.  Getting back into the game was the key for me, and it sounds like it's one of the best things you've done for yourself.  Congrats!!

Look forward to reading more about how you're doing.


Ahhhh...two tennis sessions in ONE day.  SWEEET!!

I went to my Sunday a.m. beginners lesson at the club and I did okay.  I got a better feel for a two handed backhand and definitely felt the success of it.  I thought I preferred the one handed, but Scott said he'd advise I stick with two hands for better control for now.  And he was right.  There were only four of us today so we each got plenty of play time. We practiced serving with our arms already back with the elbow pointing behind us, which was actually smart for me b/c it took out the thought process of winding up.  It's just tough to remember all the components all at once.  We also practiced hitting one from the baseline, coming forward then to hit the second at the service line and then ending with a volley. I had a different pro this time too, that makes the third in three sessions.  Unfortunately, just about the time I get warmed up and hitting a little consistent - it's time to go!

So when I got home I chatted Scott up about possibly going to hit outside while the kids played at the park.  Took a quick drive over to the courts and even though they were still banked in with snow, the courts were semi cleared, well two of them were.  I definitely hit more OUT than in, but I was fairly consistent with getting them over the net.  Overall I had a lot more fun hitting with Scott than in my lesson and I cannot wait for Tuesday when we can hit the courts again after work.  I'm achey right now, so I can imagine that tomorrow will be interesting crawling out of bed.  Tennis is a GREAT workout.  Much better than what I've been giving myself at the gym!

{impatiently waiting for Tuesday} Big Grin

So, Scott and I hit at the beginning of the week and if I remember correctly (my memory doesn't serve me well anymore  :confused1: ) I pretty sure I was exhausted and left the courts having not hit very well at all.  My right arm was uber weak and it felt like my wrist wouldn't do what my brain was asking it to.  STUNK.  P-U

Today we went out again.  Three of the four courts had people on them and the only one left had a puddle.  Psh!  A week ago we were playing with big banks of snow surrounding the courts. so no problem!  Our neighbors even joined in the fun with us. Guys went one way and girls the other.  It was just for fun btwn us girls and she was more clueless than I am, so it was the blind leading the blind on our court.  I am happy to report though...there were hardly any balls winging over into the other courts and even though I still cannot place my backhand very has some good force behind it.  I'm not following through very well and charging the ball too much.  That's the biggest thing in my head right now.  My feet start moving before my racquet does and I often find myself having missed the ball entirely or I am crowding it and looking like a complete spaz attempting the hit anyway. :)~

The best part was about an hour into hitting the clouds loomed overhead, a few cracks of lightening and then a HUGE peel of thunder ripped across the sky.  LOL  :rofl_2:  Zman and all the girls came screaming onto the tennis courts from the park completely freaking out.  As we were trying to console them a little, the sky opens up and it POURED rain.  We scooped up the kids and ran for the car, but noticed that our neighbor guy and his daughter stayed out still hitting in the downpour.  Well, that didn't suit our Abby one bit, so Scott jumped back out (hey, they were already drenched anyway right?), grabbed the two racquets from the trunk and jogged back out to the courts with Abby to bat the ball back and forth for another ten to fifteen minutes.  The two little ones and I watched from the van, but my Mommy Heart was just gushing as I did.  Memories were being made right there.  Some dads would have said "nope, we're already soaked and I have a meeting I have to get leave for in 30 minutes (which he did)" but not Scott.  Where's the melting heart smiley?  Okay, Okay...I'll shut up now. 

Third "official" lesson on Sunday morning! 


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