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retro lol
« on: March 16, 2010, 08:41:47 PM »
If you read my post about "the face" I'm looking for, this will make more sense.

I was looking for a picture of the girl from Half Nelson, her name is Shareeka Epps, something at least close to the face she made that made me  :rofl_2:

I went to her Wiki page and check this out

Shareeka Epps
Born    July 11, 1989
That's us, sister! Pretty weird. Of all people, this girl reminds me of you and it turns out she shares our b-day. Sorry, but I think that's damn  :rofl_2: :rofl_2:

There are a ton of pictures from Half Nelson out there, but the "brat face" she makes isn't one of them. So here's a picture of her; she plays a take-no-sh!t badass. That's how I imagine you were at a similar age.  :)~

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