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For all the haters...

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And I know this is going to blow my bandwidth for the month but oh well, ITS CHRISTMAS!!

What is this you ask? Venus Williams training in Palm Beach for what else, the 2005 Australian Open. Now I dunno about Serena but Venus definitely seems to have her ass together. She's putting in the work and I hope she starts to see the results.

Also, from an interview Venus did.

Metro: Last October, you celebrated 10 years as a pro tennis player. What's your assessment for this period?

Venus: Those were ten crucial years for my life and my career: I have to say that tennis just twisted my life. If I just think for a moment to that Oct. 31, 1994 when I made my debut - with all that hunger to become the best one - still, I feel shivers down my spine. I feel very lucky.

Metro: Do you feel completely satisfied with yourself?

Venus: When you obtain great results iin your career, you always run the risk to feel too satisfied, becoming a pale shadow of the hungry wolf you were before. This should never happen to an athlete. But after four Slams and an Olympic title, I still want to go on winning.

Eat it  :)~

No haters here yo.  She needs to be busting her butt because the competition is tougher than it used to be and she cannot just steam roll her forst 5 opponents in slams anymore.  You can bet your butt there are 1000+ girls out there just as hungry (if not more) for success as she is and they are training too.  They are just not as good as the Williams sisters.  But if they are not practicing and working on their game and slip, well, we have already seen what can happen.   ;>)

Yeah, that's true what you've said about the other hungry chicks. I think that the sisters slacked off becuase they felt they had a reason to now...the injuries. I mean, they're in their early 20's and I can understand wanting to have a life outside of tennis when its all you've done since before you wre born. I understand that and I respect them for wanting to be more than just a tennis player. But they've hd their fun in 04 and its time to get back to what they're best at, hitting tennis balls and winning slams.

Can't wait to see how 05 turns out...ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! AUSTRALIAN OPEN!!!! HAHA lol jk

MC ill Logic:
Yeah, I'm a big fan of Venus but I feel like her time has passed.  I'd be surprised if she ever dominates again the way she once did.  Her forehand is pretty fugged up, and people don't fear her the way they once did and probably never will again.  Serena could dominate again if she puts the work into it, all of her strokes are pretty darn sound, but Venus has issues.  And neither one of them are all that mentally tough.  I used to think they were but now I think they know they can PHYSICALLY intimidate the other girls but aren't naturally KILLERS mentally.  They're both pretty sweet girls Serena's chronic excuse making aside.

I feel you, ill Logic.

I dont think its really necessary for either of them to dominate like they did before. Serena becuz she has mentallity issues that I have to believe will never pass and Venus because her game just isn't ahead of the rest of the field like it used to be. Though I do believe its incredibly possible for both Serena and Venus to be ON TOP again. And what I mean by that is be top players, losing only to perhaps 3 or 4 women occasionally but constantly putting up a fight. I think they can definitely be in that top 5 and dominate the rest of the field outside of those other 3 women in the top 5. I sure do hope they get back to playing was more exciting for me, at least, when they played brilliant matches even if they did lose. Now, its just not as much fun.

Merry X-mas everybody...even tho its technically gone.


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