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Sweet tennis videos!

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Here is a link to the "great moments of the AO" or something like that.  I just sat here and watched them ALL.  I need a life, but they were all sweet!!!  Take a look, post your thoughts, especially on ones that you had seen.

good stuff.  gotta love that sampras grit verse currier

I watched most of them. Great stuff, really. It was hard to see the ball so I mostly just watched the blurry bodies run around the courts but still, good to see.

My favorite: Agassi vs Sampras 2000...the emotion in that match from that little clip alone made me smile. I wish I could buy that match on tape or dvd...

That one I did not like, I wanted Sampras to win that one.  Maybe could of if he would of secured one of his 2 sets points in the 3rd.  Good match though...

johnathan smith:
Hey, I've got that Sampras/Agassi 2000 Aussie Open match in it's entirety! :H
Drop me an email and i will send you my catalogue which as tons of unique matches from the 80/90's tons of Sampras/Agassi :whistle:


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