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--- Quote ---"If you don't believe you can win a tournament, you shouldn't play," Kuznetsova said. "It depends on what you want to do with your life. Some players play tennis to earn money, some do it because their parents want them to, some do it just to do something in their life. I want success. I really want people to remember my name."
--- End quote ---

Kuznetsova said the quote above.  I found it interesting because I have heard some people knock on pros because they make comments that leads us to believe they are cocky.  The first sentence of her quote is really what it is all about.  If a professional tennis player does not have confidence in themselves, they will never win.  So for Hewitt to say his goal is to beat Fed this year and be extremely confident he can do it, he needs that confidence to do it, otherwise he will have lost the match before he even steps onto tthe court (which we all know is partially true against Fed anyways  :)  )

Just thought that was interesting.

There's a big difference between cocky and confident!

this young lady has a goal and a plan and she has put in a LOT of work to get where she is today, meaning, she came up through the ranks and earned it!

I wish more players had this attitude!


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