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Can Agassi win any more slams?

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With 2005 right around the corner Andre Agassi has not been to a slam final for almost 2 years.  He has continually been a huge threat in the slams, almost always making deep into week 2.  

What are your thoughts about Agassi winning one more slam Sampras style before he retires?

With Agassi and the way his career has gone, there could well be one final twist left. If anyone can win a slam at the age of 34/35 it's him. His best chance is at AO/USO, he has virtually no chance at the FO and Fed has Wimbledon in the bag for  at least the next year.

With that said, I would be curious to know if he is training his butt off for the AO.  He has won a crap load of those and I am sure he wants yet another.  It took some brilliant tennis to knock him out of the AO last year.

According to Brad Gilbert he is:

Look at the diary entry for 11/18/04, he says he spoke to Andre on the phone.

Looks like it'll take another monumental effort to take Agassi out. Fed in the final, maybe? The way Agassi times his groundstrokes on the rebound ace surface he could really give Fed some problems if they did meet.

An Agassi / Fed final at the AO would be sweet!  A good 5 setter would draw some attention!


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