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Any thoughts about our salary cap and DP system?

I only know what you just told me. So I haven't given it too many thoughts.
But I think almost 50% of teams salary is a bit too much for 3 players, 'celebrities' or not.

The way I see it MLS is in a desperate need of promoting itself. I think they are trying to do what best european leagues are doing. All these DP players are there for marketing stuff, promoting etc.

I could be also very wrong, I dunno....

That is if I got the dp rule which I only found out about now.

But if it is like I think it is, that would mean much less money for other non-Dplayers.
Less money=less motivation. Less motivation=less work/quality.

Teams can sign 0 to 3 DPs. The less you spend on DPs, the more you spend building your team with good signings. Salaries are very low for non-designated players, average $103,000 (median $75,000, high $600,000) but motivation is very high. These guys are fighting to play professional soccer for a living. For some, it's an audition for European Leagues. For others, like Latin Americans and Africans, it's living in United States and playing professional soccer.

Motivation is high.


--- Quote ---
Robbie Keane has overtaken Thierry Henry as the player with the highest base salary in the league ($4 million to Henry's $3.75 million).

Taking Designated Players out of the equation, the average player will make $102,661.81 in 2012. In an increase from last year, 62 players will make the minimum $35,125 (43 did last year). That minimum number is up from $33,750 last year, signifying a 4 percent increase.

--- End quote ---

Chicago has 2 DPs right now and they are awful!  :rofl_2:  Our highest paid at $400,000 is a Dutch striker and is on the bench. The other, Uruguayan, is loaned out to Qatar.


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