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who?  :)~

Another banner year for the Gunners...  :\

Gunners bounce back with win over Spurs!

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We're #7!!!!
competitiveness + attendance

MLS ranked 7 best football league in world! And the joke is on Europe.

One of the reasons the MLS has vaulted up the rankings may be parity of play. Many of the world's top leagues are dominated by a small group of elite teams. Manchester United recently won its 20th league title, and fifth in seven years. Bayern Munich has won five of the last 10 Bundesliga titles, and nine of the last 10 La Liga titles have been won by either Real Madrid or Barcelona.

In contrast, five different teams have won the MLS Supporters' Shield for best record, and seven different teams have hoisted the MLS Cup in the last decade.

MLS is doing things the right way. The EPL, La Liga and Serie A have all seen huge clubs falling to mismanagement and bankruptcy in recent years. There is no chance of that happening in MLS.

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There's nothing like dismantling Arsenal 6-0  :gleam: :rofl_2:


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