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Re: ATP USOpen Bracket Challenge 2010
« Reply #40 on: September 26, 2010, 01:36:07 PM »
ok guys. a couple things.

1. Thank you very very much for playing.

Our top two winners: Borovnia wins WTA and garion wins ATP. Also Borovnia came second in ATP and garion came second in WTA!


2. Really really sorry about the delay. I'm finishing up my schooling in less than a month and its about as hectic as I have ever been. Hopefully, by the time aO 2011 rolls around I am settled into a comfortable job where I'll have a more routine life with time to do things I enjoy instead of working 24/7. Thanks for putting up with me (especially Babblelot - you can yell at me for not being responsible if you wish but you also realize I could put you in last place all the time - oh wait, I don't even have to try to do that, you come in last place all by yourself most of the time  :)~ )

3. I have an issue that I was wondering if someone had the time or patience or knowledge to fix, its been really bothering me.

Here's USopen 2008 :

That file is 327kb - at that time I remember it was one of the biggest files I had, I justified myself by saying it had the best pictures. The file above, this  year's is a ridiculous 2.7mb. How is it different from that years? Not at all. Main difference, that year I had way more time to spend so I typed in the names and scores manually into a powerpoint file. Nowadays I just paste the excel sheet as a microsoft word object into the powerpoint. Secondly, the pictures that year were from the web. Now I just snapshot that picture from that year's pdf into this year's . That's it.
So anyone got any suggestions to get back to under 300kb file size again?

Also, if you check out 2008's pdf compared to this year's you notice how the top image on 2008's pdf takes up the whole page (no borders) and this year seems to have a margin? Well I don't like having white space margin, it looks lame, 2008's main pic looks so much more kick-a$$ than this year's. I don't know how to fix it and its annoying me.

IF you don't know me by now, I am a tad bit OCD about little things, apparently I am more so OCD than a lot of people because I get annoyed by a lot of little things and being the perfectionist (in theory) that i am, I spend countless hours trying to fix it and get frustrated over it. So if someone can help me out I'd greatly appreciate it. if you want to get in contact with email to send files back and forth that's great too. I am attaching this year's powerpoint too, the only reason I stick to attaching pdf is because it more universal and I realize not everyone might have a super fast computers.

I messaged you regarding this problem.