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Teach tennis abroad !


City Tennis Club Warsaw  offers possibility for coaches to train tennis abroad.

Your two passions are tennis and travelling? Fulfill your travel dreams!
Make the transition from tourist to resident!
Live and work in Warsaw capital city of Poland!

Nestled in the center of Europe, Poland represents a bridge between East and West. Poland is the birthplace of pierogis, Pope John Paul II and some of the finest vodkas in the world. It may come as a surprise that Poland has some of Europes best mountain ranges and coastal scenery. Working in Poland will expose you to a people as kind as they are enthusiastic to learn tennis. Warsaw is  Polish major citiy for some extraordinary history and a taste of the nightlife !

Job Placement Highlights:

* Pre-departure support
* Housing in apartments in the city center provided
* 3 months or 6 months contratcs
* Free tennis workshops, seminar, confernces
* Working in energetic environmet: kids lessons, adult leagues, cardio and social tennis lessons

What are the requirements?

   Tennis coaching experience minimum 3 years
   Excellent speaking English
   Computer skills
   Driving license will be a plus

Please send resume to [nonactive]
Application deadline  December 2010


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