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Anyone have any thoughts on all of this stuff that has been going on for some time?  The found was thrown in jail today and potentially being shipped off to Sweden soon to face accusations of sexual assault.  He says it is a smear campaign.  Would be interesting to know the truth.

I guess they released documents from 2009 revealing important areas that the US would be hurting without (like if they were attacked).  That is kind of a scary thought. 

The Owner said he has a file that hundreds of people have that he is calling a "thermonuclear device" with all kinds of documents in it.  If something happens to him those 100s of people will get the code to unlock it and distribute. 

All interesting.  Could make a movie out of this crap.  :)

Do you understand the nature of the sexual "assult" he's facing in Sweden, not a country that he's a citizen of?

The nature?  All I know is what I read on CNN

He had consensual sex with two women. One claims they didn't use a condom. The other claims the condom broke.

In Sweden, that's RAPE.

Not sure why the women get off scott free for having consensual sex without a condom, but apparently, they are off scott free.

When one woman first presented he allegations, the judge threw it out. Only later, a higher judge admitted it.

Doesn't pass the smell test. Will be a movie by Christmas.

But more than that, Babblelot: even if the guy was guilty, does all the documents, the compromising evidences, suddenly disappear? We have to thank the Internet exist. If we had to rely on the newspapers for knowing this stuff...


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