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Upgrade to SMF forum


I appreciate everyone bearing with me as I moved the website from one forum to another.  Seems like everyone is here now and everything is normal.  If something is not working right please let me know ASAP so I can fix any issues.

I plan on upgrading the forum this weekend to the latest and greatest version.  This is a much bigger upgrade than the normal upgrade.  In order to make the upgrade I will be placing the forum in what's called "maintenance mode" for 30-60 minutes.  That means when you log in you will not be able to do anything, it will just say the forum is in maintenance mode.  Fear not, it will not last long.

When it is done we will have a forum that looks a little different.  It will not be a drastic change but it will be a change.  All posts, pictures, members, etc. will remain the same.  At first it will no longer have the T4U logo at the top, I will change that as quickly as I can.  I will also be making other tweaks as we go along like to make it more like a Tennis4you forum.

Looking forward to a great 2011 tennis season with everyone.  I appreciate everyone here making this forum what it is!

Thank you!

This is what the forum will look like after I upgrade to the next forum version and before I do any customization:

Forum Homepage:

A Board like "Tennis Discussions"

The forum upgrade was successful!  Whoo!


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