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16x19 vs 16x20

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Obviously there's an extra cross string, but how does this play a role in the racquet?  I know 18x20 is more control oriented, but you sacrifice some spin, whereas 16x19 is a better pattern for top spin.  However, I know NOTHING about 16x20?  Any takers to explain?  ://

Oooo, that's a good question!
What racquet are you refering to?

I just got an Aerodrive Control (it's from like 2005) last night which has a 16x19 pattern.  While trolling around I found that Babolat still makes a racquet that has pretty much THE EXACT same specs, but is in a 16x20.

 It seems that to try and get a second ADC racquet I'm going to have to spend $100+ whereas the new version the Aero Storm Tour (16x20) is about the same price...

I hope that all makes sense? lol

OK, a quick thought between present opening and Christmas Eve dinner.  I will have to do some more research to find out more.

I will say that the more strings in the string bed the tighter the strings will feel at a particular tension.  Obviously the more strings you have in a bed the stiffer everything is.  I have ever only owned a 16x18 but I string my fair share with a denser pattern.  Typically those racquets have a lower recommended tension.

16x19 vs 16x20 is probably a minimal difference, but I am sure there is a difference of some kind.

i stumped scott  :)) :) :cool: :whistle: :)~ :king: :rofl_2: :gleam: :lmao:


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