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The forum has been updated to the latest and greatest.  I am going to work over the weekend to clean a few things up like the old logo at the top of the forum.

If there are any features from the old version of the forum that you liked better please let me know and I will see if I can hunt them down. 

The forum looks cooooooooooooooooool  :))

Sweet, thanks Falcon!  I am working on updating some stuff right now.  Seriously looking into the logo at the top.  Looks like crap right now.  That will change!  Then I will also look into getting some other themes you guys can choose if you do not like this look or just want other options.


I like the new look!!!

Excellent.  Just found out it will be a week or so before the dude can throw me some optional logos for the top of the forum.  It will look much nicer once he gets that done for me!


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