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Thanks for the offer J!  The logo on the homepage of tennis4you is what we started with but I wanted it more linear.  The guy who revised it came up with the image above which is much nicer for the forum.  Now I just need to get the space above it to get minimized.  That's a forum issue though and not an image issue.  I have someone looking into it.

Smileys have been added to the quick reply, finally!

You can also expand the reply boxes if they are not big enough for your liking on longer posts.  There are (2) small horizontal boxes below the post box.  It's a little awkward but you can click on the lines and drag them down or up.  I think it will take a little getting use to.  They worked for me, but it's a bit weird.

Looks good Scott. I'm digging it. Thanks for all the hard work.

I like having the mini site nav (which resides at the bottom of the page now), that tells you what page you're in and the levels it took you to get there... I prefer that at the top of the page for some reason. Just a preference. I can live with it at the bottom tho... I think.  :)  (I now see the "go down" link at the top, so that works for me)

Othewise... coolness.  :)

What's funny is that it is supposed to be at the top.  I was looking into that yesterday.  Waiting to hear back to see how to move it back to the top.  Why it is at the bottom I have no clue...


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