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I have done a huge upgrade to the forums taking them to the latest version.  There are some changes that you should be aware of.  I am working on making changes to what I can for now.  Please see below for the list of changes:

1.  Forum Look:  Yup, it's different.  If you are like me and do not like change, well, sorry!  This looks pretty good to me.  I am paying someone to rework the logo at the top of the forum.  What is there now looks really bad.  I tried but my Photoshop skills are severely lacking. 

2.  Private Messages:  With the previous form we would see each private message by itself, but I had to add a mod to the forum to get it to see one private message at once.  If you go look at your private messages it defaults to seeing all PMs at once which I hate.  If you want to change it to look like it was before (1 PM at a time), you need to do the following:
Click On "My Messages"  ------->  "Read Your Messages"  ------->  "Preferences"  ------->  Change Settings"  ------->  Then just change Personal Messages to "One at a Time".

3.  Increasing Post Box Size:  I loved this feature with the previous forum, but I had to find a mod to be able to enable it.  I am in the process of looking for that same mod for this version of the forum.

4.  Images that say there is a new post in the board:  The ones there are kinda lame.  I will work on that.

5.  Today / Yesterday:  The words "Today" and "Yesterday" use to be red for Today and green for Yesterday.  I had to do that manually in the code on the last forum.  When I figure out how to add color to them again I will.  That always helps me quickly see when the unread posts were made.

If you see anything you liked better before please let me know and I will work on making it happen.

All seems very smooth Scott and as if its gone well. I was coming over here to say about the Red and Green for yesterdays and today's posts and see you have that. Also I liked how the older one was much clearer as to where there were new topics on the main page, the section with new posts was highlighted much more than it was now. Then the other thing I liked was where it says unread posts at the top it used to have how many topics had been posted in.

You've already done 1 part of that I mentioned then Scott as Topics with new Posts in are now a solid green on the main page, I like that part and its very clear that way :)

The unread posts I am working on too.  I tried installing a mod last night that would change that but the mod failed.  I assume they will create an up to date mod sooner or later for that.  The previous forum only did that because I had a mod installed.  :)

I should also note, Chris, that there is a white arrow at the top right of the forum.  If you ever wish to collapse the portion of text and your avatar from the top of the screen you just need to click the arrow.  Click it again and it will all come back.  You probably already knew that but I figure I would mention it.


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