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I guess I'll start one too.  :)  This week I have played with King Scott  :king: , creator of our forums.  He made me look like I have never played tennis before, but we worked on some backhands and footwork.  Figured out some issues and talked about some goals.  All in all success.

The next night I played doubles with some friends.  Forehands were hit or miss (mostly hit - even though Scott would protest this, since he was on the court next to me getting beat up by his wife!)  Didn't really need to hit many backhands, but when I did, the work from the night before helped quite a bit.  Serves were atrocious... not even going to go into details on this one.

Lined up some lessons with a pro recommended by Scott as well. 

Eventful week in the tennis world for me.

I am super glad you got in with a pro.  You have the tools you just need some help refining them.

The one thing that will be more on you than anyone else is the footwork.  You are speedy but that does not mean you have good footwork.  Check out this video and tell me this doesn't echo what we talked about after we hit:

I think that video is a great example.

Great stuff!
Laying the foundation with a pro early on will pay huge dividends as you continue to progess towards your potential.

Scooter is right as usual.
2 of the most overlooked skills in tennis are balance and footwork.
If you can't move properly then you can't hit properly.

Today I did a lesson with a pro at Scarborough.  We made some huge improvements to my backhand.  Made some changes to my footwork that REALLY improved my balance on both FH and BH.  He changed my forehand grip to more of an eastern than a semiwestern, which is SUPER awkward to get used to.  It was a great lesson overall though.  :)

Interesting to hear he changed your grip closer to an eastern since you want that "Nadal" game.  You cool with that?


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