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No-ad scoring for tennis.

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I would like to see no-ad scoring in tennis or at least a cap on the number of points in a game.  After so many deuces when the cap is reached the next point is sudden death.  It is then served on the same side as the last point rather than the opposite side so the game ends on its traditional side.  In the present rules you know after the first deuce the game will have to go an even number of points more.   That means you also know what side that game will end so the sudden death serve will be on the same as as the previous served when that point becomes sudden death.

No-ad scoring is dumb, IMO.

A lot of excitement, tension and emotion has come from lengthy deuce games this past year making for VERY fun and enticing entertainment.(ie. Davenport vs Mauresmo WTA Champs, Williams vs Mauresmo WTA Champs, Davenport vs Venus US OPEN Rnd of 16) To mention only a few. I hate it when people try to change the way the game is played. All of these YOUNG hotshots come up trying to make decisions in the professinoal tennis world attempting to change things that have been set in stone and quite efficient for decades now.

Deuces are a huge part of the excitement of tennis and without them, tennis wouldn't be nearly as interesting.

My idea is you would still have deuces in a game.  The only difference is there would be a cap on the number of points in a game.   It might be a limit of say four to eight deuces so you would still get exciting games.  The reason is that some players get tired with a long game and it is usually the server.  Players would also less likely get injured if the were a limit on the length of a game.  Another problem is with long games fans have to wait too long to get in and that can create a backlogue.  Maybe in a long game the server could call time out anytime after there has been eight deuces or whatever number you have.  That would also allow the fans to get in.

I am not sure that most matches have enough deuces to worry about it, but I could be wrong...  I doubt the majority of matches, at any level, have more than 5 deuces in one game...

I play in some USTA leagues here.  The singles in no ad, which I hate to play...  And they of coarse we play a 9 point tie-breaker which menas the first person to 5 by 1.  At 4-4 it is sudden death all the way...  I have been there, lost one, won one...  No fun...

As far as capping deuces, I do nto mind that as much.  The doubles Thursday night league I play in does that, 3 tops and then a sudden death point...  I would personally rather play it out, but if the game was going to change and I had to pick one or the other I would pick this one hands down!

Still another idea of no-ad tennis would be for the women only if they were ever going to play best of five sets rather than the best of two.  That way the women's match would be somewhat shorter than the men.   Also no-ad could be used to help a tournament catch up that had been plagued by rain delays.  It might be used if players ever had to play three matches in a day.


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