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ok...i hope you all understand this after some corrections.

hi all, i'm a product design student.i need some comments about tennis ball machine.
Thanks a lot for your answers!

1. who's the majority user of tennis ball machine?
( the pros ? club players? coaches? or....?)

2. Have you ever use any court equipments such as the hoppers, ball machine?which one do you prefer? WHY?

3. Do you have any problems while using it?

4. What are the aspects which you most considered?
( function? weight? aesthetic? price? brand?or.....etc)

I have never seen a club pro use a ball machine.  But I bet a decent amount of club players use a ball machine as well as coaches for high school...  I think most people would rather hit with a person, it is more fun.

I have used hoppers, ball machines and all other kinds of things.  The ball hoppers are of coarse nice for a lot of balls.  Ball machines are too boring for me and you need to make sure you have a large amount of good balls.

I have no problems using any of them...


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