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Clijsters vs Sharapova- who ends up with more slams (in singles) or the same


Who do you think will end up with more slams discounting doubles- Sharapova or Clijsters.    Or do you think they will end up with the exact same number.   Clijsters is up by 1 now.   Sharapova has the advantage of being 4 years younger.   However Clijsters seems in better form now and seems like one of if not the frontrunner for slams for the forseeable future as long as she plays.  However she has suggested she wont play past the end of 2012, and her calling this years Australian Open her last initially brings into doubt even 2012 perhaps.    Her recent injury and a couple mediocre showings since Australia also bring question whether the Kim train is already decelerating, and Wozniackis continued improvement could also pose a problem to it (as it could to Marias future slam chances of course).    Sharapova has shown signs of progress of late, but still has a ways to go.   She is young enough to have plenty of time to recover her form, but some question her ability to do so after all the injuries, and her motivation to do so now as a married women having gone through a few slumping  years for her former lofty standards.

So which will end up with more slam titles or a tie.

I'm obviously going to say Maria  :)) but in all seriousness I honestly feel that way if and thats a very big IF Maria stays away from the sort of injuries she's had, stays as motivated and excited as she has been of late then I feel Maria can just edge Clijsters by 1. I will say Clijsters will get another 1, maybe 2 at the most. Whereas I now get the feeling more and more(unlike in the past) that if Maria stays injury free she will play way past 2012 and may even end up playing until at least 2015 and in that time with lots of matches in her, much more consistency with her serve and in turn her whole game then Maria can be winning Slams for sure. She's firstly 1 of the very few players who is naturally comfortable and absolutely loves the grass and has a great game for that service so going into that event healthy she'll always be a major threat and at both the US and Australian Opens the bounce on those 2 surfaces is right into Maria's hitting zone and she loves it. I am also still of the belief given the right conditions 1 year and a good draw then she will 1 day capture Roland Garros such is her desire to win there. To think Maria right now is 1 of the top 5 players in the world I have to say(and showed that the last 4 weeks) and that's with no matches at all in her for 7 weeks and still with massive improvements to come in her whole game, especially the serve.

Clijsters comments have really been very bad these past few weeks and as many have said too disrespectful to players with her lower ranked players comments. She needs to be really careful with this attitude and groove she's getting into at the tournaments outside of Slams as thats where a lot of the aura comes from going into the Slams and the confidence and if Clijsters keeps going as she is and with a family already and clearly having other priorities I don't know how much longer she can go with that attitude and outlook on the game. At the absolute maximum she goes to US Open 2012 but that is looking moreand more doubtful as each weeks passes by I have to say.

I really find it hard to guess on Maria.   She is still so young though alot could happen.  Given all her problems the last few years physically and loss of momentum it wouldnt shock me if she never won another slam, but with her talent and the lack of standout stars emerging in the WTA it wouldnt shock me if she recovers big and wins another 5 or 6 too.  Or anything in between.

Kim should be easier to guage since she is near the end of her career.    Given all her own statements, her situation, her age, that seems pretty certain.   However even she isnt so easy to guage it turns out.   A couple months ago I felt far more optimistic about her winning mutiple additional slams than I am now.   She seemed to be riding a wave of momentum but it seems to be going away now, but that can change quickly again.   She also seems to have a Serena Williams attitude towards the slams vs WTA tour now, but she forgets she is not the insane once in century like talent Serena is to get by on that type of approach.   

Djokovic Champion:
I think Sharapova.


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