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What do you want your next car to be?

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I have always wanted one of those new mustangs (something in the last 4 years or so)., but with the price of gas these days that will not be an option.  My next car will be more of a fuel efficient car.  Right now I have a banged up Ford Taurus with 156,000 miles on it.  I hope it makes it to 200,000 miles, that would be sweet.  Highest I have ever had a car go is 183,000 miles.  I got rid of it because it was rusty all over, I could shove my finger through the shock tower, it was toasted.

I've never been massive into fantastic cars and whatever as I love my holidays(especially the tennis ones), my money, oh and the small matter of being obsessed with trying to save and save for a big deposit on property to make everything so much easier in the future so never really thought about this one. I would probably have to say some really smart Mercedes or something like that. A Porsche would be good :gleam: but you can never really test that sort of car out.

I Have been a car go to 255,000 miles Scott :) My dad's car hit that mark and I really wanted him to hit the 250k mark as that's the distance to the moon :rofl_2: I think it was about 8 years old when he hit that mark as its used day in day out for his job. That was probably about 7-8 years ago now.

Mine's a Honda Civic and I'm very happy with it. I put most weight on reliability. I'd get the same again.

High priced cars have no attraction here. Some years ago when I worked abroad, I was given a company BMW. It was fine, but some of the gadgets were superfluous.

Just an old Ford pickup for me please.

Me boat would look sweet behind this rig!

I could probably fit under that, hopefully with clearance.  :scared:


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