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100m record broken


The 100m World record for the men has been beaten by Jamaican Asafa Powell in the Athens Olympic stadium today. Powell broke the record by 0.01 of a second to set a new time of 9.77 seconds beating Tim Montgomerie's old record of 9.78. Well done to Powell that sets him up very nicely for the Athletics World Championships in August in Helsinki, Finland.

He came into Athens in great form though, running alot of 9.9 times, and winning a few Golden League races, but finished a dissapointing 5th.   Hopefully he can come through under pressure this time, he is very talented.   Glad to see doping tainted Tim Montgomery and Ben Johnson's time surpassed.   Ben Johnson claims he is the fastest man ever still, since all the others use performance enhancers too according to him, and because Tim's WR (the first time that beat Johnson's old WR)was set with the maximum wind advantage.    I doubt he will be able to come up with such an explanation this time.

Powell is all class so I'm not surprised he broke the record, I expected him too. I don't like montgomery at all and there's something about Green the rubs me the wrong way. By the way does anybody know what happened to Donovan Bailey, the canadian runner?


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