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Osama Bin Laden is Dead

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Can we leave now?   ://

Good Riddance!

Absolutely loved waking upto this news this morning to see this absolute b****** dead!! Shame it wasn't 10 years earlier and so many people spared of his awful nature.

Oddly enough, I don't seem to be experiencing the same jubilation that other Americans are feeling today.

I suppose it's for the best that he's no longer plotting mass murder, but it remains to be seen if the system he's created will endure.

I think the damage has already been done. :(

Still, a part of me is with Scooter in saying

BOOM!!!  M#T$%&F&*K%#R. :)>>>>

WTF??? :confused1:
On Sunday, the president said he ordered an operation -- carried out by a handful of U.S. troops -- to get bin Laden in Pakistan. The al Qaeda leader resisted and was killed in an ensuing firefight, and U.S. forces took custody of his body. He was later buried at sea, with one U.S. official saying his body was handled in the Islamic tradition.


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