Author Topic: Germany to abandon nuclear power by 2022  (Read 3009 times)

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Re: Germany to abandon nuclear power by 2022
« Reply #20 on: June 03, 2011, 03:47:31 PM »
No...first back up your statement. Babbs asked you to explain something and you aren't. We've already explained why Germany has made a wise decision here

There is nothing wise about it - it was pure political calculation due to public panic.

If you were only intending to opine about the politics of Germany's decision, you should have stopped there. But you decide to take a blind leap into German economics. That was my entry point. I want you to tell me something about the German economic model that I don't know. Why it succeeds or fails presently. Why it will fail in the future as a result of their decision to go green. I'm looking for a strong argument based on the historical relationship between energy and economies.

Now it's your turn.

Germans will be ok if they accept a lower standard of living as a result of less GDP. There is no way that renewables will make up the 23% that nuclear gives, so less electricity = less production = less GDP. It's common sense. but if Germans are OK with that, whatever. ..-) ..-)

Oh, I see, you're argument boils down to, what, a 1-year, 5-year plan? German's have much more foresight and will than Americans and aren't beholden to the very powers that will bring this country to it's knees. That you are unaware of the fact that we accepted a lower standard of living over a decade ago doesn't surprise.

Now, what about that historical context. I'm asking for it, because it's important. Once you do the research, it will start making sense.  ;-()
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Re: Germany to abandon nuclear power by 2022
« Reply #21 on: July 23, 2011, 05:15:00 AM »
The positive thing about Germany's decision to wind down its domestic nuclear power project is that Germany has started on the road to 'alternative energy', being a pioneer in solar energy etc.. On an ideological level - the Germans are blazing a new trail for the world - potentially annihilating the idea that human civilization must choose between the twin devils of durrttyy coal and eeevillll nuclear power, in order to sustain itself.. :// :// However, the legislation does not prevent German firms from exporting the blasted technology.. So more activism required here from everybody to convince the lawmakers that they need to stop playing hooky. A potential nuclear fallout in Finalnd will affect all Europe..