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Murray vs Wozniacki: Who will win a major first?

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Seriously. It might never happen. For either player.

I got: Federer wins another before Murray wins 1, and I've got Murray down for 0.

Wozniacki, I don't see it. Serena will be back. She, Petra, Azarenka, Maria, and Pavy will knock her around. Maybe add Lisicki and Georges to the mix. Petkovic TBD.

Both of them are in the semifinals of the US Open! Who has a better chance at the upset: Wozniacki over Serena, or Murray over Nadal? It could happen!

Nole nš1:
Andy Murray will win a Grand Slam.


--- Quote from: Nole nš1 on March 18, 2012, 08:17:24 AM ---Andy Murray will win a Grand Slam.

--- End quote ---



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