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I need some advice, please help


Hello, my sister(12 yrs old) recently got into tennis and is really taking this serious, a lot of people say she has real natural talent and should consider furthering her abilities.

I'm looking to help her out as im the older sister.
what female players should I watch and could learn from to help my sister? and should she base her game style on a player as a base or just play how she wants to and work on her strong and weak points?

I am new to tennis too, but looking to understand and learn the sport.

Try to find some help locally.
Perhaps there are some beginner lessons at the local club or community center.  If not, check with the high school or college teams in your area.  Good luck and keep us posted!

Watching good players can give you/her some helpful hints.  Have her watch some pro events on tv or live.  Also, a very easy, inexpensive way of improving that is soooooooooo underrated is.......have her hit off a wall.  I still do it when I get in a funk and it always helps me to work my way out of it.  It is obviously inexpensive, as in NO cost, and you can really find a groove on your strokes, especially groundstrokes.

Love the wall!!!

Takes quite a bit of practice early on to figure out what position works for which stroke early on.
My suggestion to newbies is start close in (10' or less) and just get used to bumping the ball (no big swings) to the wall.  Once you can do 10 in a row on either side, back up and lengthen/quicken your stroke until you're hitting actual groundstrokes.  Keep in mind when you're hitting full speed strokes at the proper height to clear the net (but not too high), you may have to let the ball bounce twice before you hit your next stroke.


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