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McIll told me so!

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He mentioned in a previous post that Courier was reading poetry between change overs.  I had never seen it, but I found some info on it, hilarious!

For some reason, it will not allow me to insert the image, so here is the link...,1.0&wid=167&hei=195&rgn=0,0,0,0&cvt=jpeg

MC ill Logic:
Hahaha.  Gotta love it.  I'd love to see Safin reading a Maxim during the changeovers.

lol, I would love to see me reading a Maxim at change overs.

isnt that illegal?  the poetry or whatever between changeovers.  its like coaching isnt it?  what stops a coach from writing notes that a player can take and look at between changeovers when he is doing badley.  im gonna go make some notes for myself and put em in my bag come to the of it.  or maybe ill just dump my stack of maxim's next to my frames. lol.

lol...  I am not sure the rules on that one... I have often read that you should take notes to your matches.  Apparently it is ok.


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