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how about a reputation points system for posters of tennis for you? if a post of your's is liked, others can "good-rep" your post with a comment.......similarly if a post is not agreeable or offensive, others can "bad-rep" your post.......they follow this system at one of the other forums.......any thoughts yet of implementing it here too? i think it would make this forum an even better place.......

They have that as a modification to these forums, it's easy enough to do.  Plus I would have a sweet rep because I am so stinking nice.  :)

I need to do a major update tot he forum (behind the scenes stuff for the latest upgrade) and any modifications made to the forum before then will just get wiped out.  Hope to have the update done this week or next.


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T H I S   P O S T   H A S   B E E N   R E M O V E D   

D U E   T O   L O W   R A T I N G S ! ! !

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Start da Game:
i can see the the first bad rep goes to scott..... 

Perhaps another one of his 'short'comings..... ;-()


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