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Video Yourself Made Easy
« on: August 23, 2011, 06:22:17 PM »
I have put together a package which includes the QM-1 Quick Mount Camera Support and a VADO camera that allows you to easily video your tennis match (or other things, too).   The QM-1 is a monopod-like device with a unique clamping attachment that fits snugly on almost any fence, so you can stay on the ground but mount your camera on fences up to 14'.  Works indoors too! 

I also was recently able to obtain a few of the Creative Labs Vado cameras that are perfect for tennis matches, and I'm selling them at a great price also.  On the VADO you can record 4 hours of high-def, wide angle video on the 8GB  memory and it easily downloads to your computer via any usb port. 

Great for looking at your strokes "under fire" and for watching strategic moves, especially doubles.  Or, it can  just be fun to watch a match you just played.  Very easy to use.

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