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tennis elbow, how did you overcome it?

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i am having a tennis elbow, how can i cure this? i dont want to stop playing this game...

I got tennis elbow once in high school for a week.  I took another lesson and my pro told me that my forehand stroke was messed up and it "hurt him just looking at it".  I was swinging the forehand and on my follow through my elbow was finishing higher than my racquet head because I was trying too much spin.  When I fixed the stroke it fixed the problem.

When does your elbow hurt?  All the time?  During strokes?

after every game ang sometimes during games...

Do you take lessons?  Can someone evaluate if you are doing something wrong and that could cause the problem?

Scooter's right.
Get your strokes checked out.
And of course, see a doctor if pain persists.

The longer you let it go on, the less apt you are to cure it without surgery.


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