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hello all,I have played tennis for five years now, but I have a big problem now, simple said my forehand does not have too much power.sometimes I feel my racket just slip from the ball.does not a feeling that the ball touch the racket for a long time. I have watched a lot of videos  on the internet ,some slow motion from ATP players,I find out may be is because my hip joint does have right postion when I swing. I perfer to use open poistion or semi-open poistion,I use semi-western grip sometimes east grip. should my hip joint go outside more ? should my hip joint move or dont move?
anyone knows about it ,please help me! :// ://

Are you making good use of the kinetic chain ? in order to get good power you need to involve your lower body and upper body in a sequential order.

have a look at this video tip right here:

Tennis Tip: The Kinetic Chain

hope that helps


When ever you go for play tense.You must keep some thing in you mind, one of them is that you should make aim that I will win and I will try to get my target.   Then there will be big forehand for you raised at high....


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