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do you believe in God?

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jesse james:

--- Quote from: Emma on June 21, 2013, 07:32:52 PM ---jesse, can we have a heart to heart talk? honest as in? what is the wrost thing about human being? i strongly feel it's trust. as shakespeare said once, love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. do u agree?

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I think the worst thing about humans is their capacity to do harm to others-in various ways, but i think weíre generally better than we used to be (read the bible for an account of just how bad we were)
A lack of trust could be part of this, but i think most of us, most of the time are fairly honest. Yes we have capacity for deceit, but i think weíre probably hard wired- in the biological sense for cooperation.

jesse james:

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--- Quote from: Emma on May 15, 2013, 08:30:51 PM ---i just have far toomany reasons to belive in something .... believe in god. i can't get mad at anyone because ifeel i know it's myself i am getting amd at and that doesn't make any sense to me. anyway in time you will find you too, jesse. you will and maybe ill be there for you.

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What's your best reason?

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I am not sure if I want to get into that discussion at all. I am not going to be here all that much so it doesn't really serve a solid purpose for a good discussion. Besides, I have no intention of convincing you or anyone - not that I feel I'll be able to convince anyone anyway.

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that's a cop out.

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it's not a cop out dearest but it's a personal experience. who's going to believe me when it's a non material experience? even you won't believe me. i have no way of proving it because i only know it. did you know about this russian guy in the 70s who was dead for 3 days and was waiting in the morgue for autopsy? he was dead jessie and  he was a complete and utter materialist in his waking life and yet he had an experience in those 3 days. he's now a priest. people don't change overnight jesse unless they feel strongly about it.

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Well i was responding to your point about having Ďfar too many reasons to believe in something .... believe in godí, 
the experience isnít a reason, itís an experience.
The reason, in this case,  is that the experience is sufficient for one to believe in god, but that begs the question. It depends what you would count as proof and we can at least grapple with the concept of salivant proof. I could count a tingling in my left food as a sufficient reason to believe in god, but how do i know it was god and not some explicable tangle of nerves and muscles that sent messages to my brain, if I believed it was god-how could i be sure which god it was-and why doesnít  he let himself known in a more immediate way.
I donít know the case of the Russian guy, but as you implied yourself how can you know his experience is valid, it isnít an experience you or i have had, but crucially how can he be sure itís valid-if you're not willing to be rational about experiences you can accept anything, but it's up to him i guess.     


--- Quote from: Alex on October 02, 2011, 06:05:19 PM ---I believe in Emma. She is my Goddess  :)~. Ok, sorry I didn't want to derail your thread.

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I do, coz it is easy to think that there is a huge power up there...fate, destiny all that kind of stuff..

Yes, i believe in the highest power, i do not believe, than in what should we have faith? 

Yes, I believe and my faith always help me


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