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I havent played tennis in a great while but I am decent with forehand and backhand but still suck at serving, any tips on how do serve better? and also what kind of workout should I do to fit my body better for tennis?

There is now way around developing a solid service motion unfortunately. The first thing you need to work on is a fluid motion, which basically means that the racket does not stop. Think about a baseball pitcher or a quarterback throwing a football for example; it is one continuous motion without a stop in it!

the good news is that you can work on the serve by yourself without a partner as much as you want!

I have a video tip on the fluid motion with a helpful drill. You can check out if you sign up for the newsletter on my website. It is part of my Top5 Video Series

Hope that helps

Can you show your serve's video? It will be easier to relate to some flaws in your stroke than to produce great speech about big serves.


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