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Hey there , thank you for taking the time to read my tennis journal :D

About me:-

Age: 14
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Weight: 67kg :P
Body type: Mesomorph

My Playing Style:-
Dominant hand : Right
Forehand : Eastern Grip
Backhand: One Handed [Eastern grip]
Serve:Don't know whats called but it looks like federer n djokovic
Game Style: All Court player.
Favourite shot: Backhand down the line!!

The Good:
Every coach i have trained with has told me that i am very talented. My present coach is the best in our country , he has produced many davis cup players and ITF futures winners.My coach shows alot of interest in me and thinks i am going to make it big :) . I have a very athletic body , wide shoulders and strong legs. I use a eastern grip on my forehand as it allows me to hit with both power and spin, it is very devastating during matches as i manage to hit plenty of winners off my forehand. My backhand is One Handed , i can generate a lot of spin on my backhand and power too.My slice is average. I have one of the Best serves in my State , most of the time i hit a kick serve to my opponents backhand or a slice serve to the forehand.My parents and coach are very supportive and try to give me the best there is. I use my serve and forehand to dictate the points and use my backhand for some deadly angles.I play very aggressively from the baseline.

Now, The BAD!:
I used to have very bad temper, but now i (almost )got it under control.I am not much of a Fighter and tend to give away matches when none of shots are falling in the way i want :( . I easily take a very good lead but fail to maintain it. Most of the time when i am leading the game 40 - 15 or 40 -0 i have a very bad habit of dragging those games to duece and sometime even failing to win those games. I never had problems with pushers as i play very aggressively but these days i am having a lot of trouble playing Defensive Baseliners who hit with very high topspin :( . I also tend to lose concentration in later stages of the match or practice. My anticipation is bad. I fail to finish easy volleys and overheads too.

Thank you for reading!
I would be happy if anyone can help me with my BAD problems .

Running out the door so no time to really comment yet, but welcome to the forums!  Great first post!

 :)) :)) Thanks!
Btw i will be posting a video of me playing very soon.

Videos are sweet!  Posting that will be awesome for us!

Start da Game:
welcome......forget the bad and just go for are only 14 and have so much time on your side.......your "bad" is not that bad either.......defense comes with maturity.......if you are really as talented as you described, i honestly don't think it will be an issue for you to build your defense once you hit 18, 19.......


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