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Name the Racket? (Yellow Prince)

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Hello Peeps,

I have been searching the Internet high and low for a quite popular racket. I first saw the racket being used by a Vietnamese Fed Cup player, and I have seen a few opponents in my time use it.

It is a yellow prince racket, performance, quite stiff, not the Prince TT Scream (, however there may have been 2 editions of this racket???. The racket I have seen is 50% yellow and 50% black, the black areas are where the throat bar meets the frame, and in the top left and top right. Looks quite a lot like this racket, but I have no name with this link.

Can someone in the tennis world help me. If you could identify the racket and send me a link, I would very much appreciate it.

Thanks in advance. David

Found a picture of the player. Can anyone help me find out what racket this is? Its been bugging me for so long now.

I wish I could help but I do not know.  You search what racquet that particular player played with?

i found a similar pic
scroll down the page

any particular reason for finding that racquet ?? :)

What is special about that racket that makes you searching for it like this?


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