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Professional Tennis at 30


This lady started in the pros at 19 and quit, now she is making a comeback at age 30.  Her coach says she is a "freak of nature" like Federer and has the ability to be a top 20 player..   Should be interesting to see.  (or to not see)

She is playing satellite tournaments.  She has already won 5 dubs titles in 8 months and has a singles ranking of 350 I thought it said...

Story below:

:| .

I would like to see her play!  If she could get into the top 10 it would be a fresh new face on the WTA tour, she could become a sentimental favorite.  I cannot think of very many that I would want to beat her.  I am pretty much ready for some new faces on the WTA.  I wish Hingis was still around.

I hated Hingis...mostly becuase of her seething racism towards Venus & Serena  :( . She reminds me a lot of prejudice Lleyton. Anyhow, stepping outside of my prejudice, yes it would be nice to see a legend like Hingis return to bring another wildcard to the game. WTA needs some spice and new pillar to add excitement to the game. It would be great to see Hingis and/or this Anne chick return to the game to bring back interest..

MC ill Logic:
Great article.  It's strange how much I respect people who are in tip top shape.  Watching the olympics is depressing.  To see how beautiful and powerful the human body can become, and to think that 2/3 of Americans are obese.  It's a shame.  She looks strong.  I think top 20 is a bit of a stretch, even top 50 (a statement based on very little that's concrete), but if Pancho isn't going senile then the 2005 US Open qualies should be easily attainable.


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