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In this thread Florian Meier, from, will post some of his instructional videos and content for you guys to look at.  He also agreed to answer questions that you guys have in regards to the tip or just in regards to your tennis game so feel free to get involved.  Hope this helps you guys improve your tennis game!

Thanks Scooter & Florian!

You are welcome!  :)

Excited to have him join in and provide additional articles here.  It has always been my passion that this would be a great forum for instructional tennis.  That's why I originally started the forum 10+ years ago. 

Hey guys,

I am excited to get some good tennis discussion going here and hopefully help you guys improve your game!

To get this started I want to post one of my recent video tips here on the kinetic chain. Lots of people have heard about the term but don't know what it really means for their tennis. Let me know what you guys think of the tip!

Tennis Tip: The Kinetic Chain

Some question for you to answer:

- Thinking about your own strokes do you think you are making good use of the kinetic chain ?

- Most people struggle with involving the lower body on groundstrokes. How about yourself ?

Welcome to T4U Florian!

Great topic for first video.
Format is clean and concise.
Stroke comparison very helpful.

When I have time and am in position I try to use the lower body.
Most often I end up compensating for being late by using the upper body.


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