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Kidney Stones

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--- Quote from: monstertruck on March 26, 2012, 04:56:16 AM ---Dude!!!
Definitely a suckatation situation!
Sheer agony.  How long did you suffer before you hit the ER?

Interesting info from the Professor.  Definitely worth a follow up. :)

--- End quote ---

Professor should share more, I would be interesting to read.  I assume the cleanses do not include pizza?

I took a walk with wifey yesterday and my lower abdomen felt tight.  But since the hernia surgery that is not uncommon, I figured it would loosen up when I played tennis.  I ate lunch at 12:15, at 12:30 sat down to play some checkers online and moved about 5 times before it was really uncomfortable.  At first I figured it was lunch bothering me and would pass, but after about 10 minutes it just was worse so we called the family doctor.  He said it sounds like a kidney stone and to go to ER.  So I was at home for about 30 minutes with the issue.  Puked my brains out right before I left and that helped a little.  The ER checked my right in and then hit me with drugs pretty quickly thereafter.  All in all I was in bad pain for about 90 minutes which could have been a lot worse!

Scott, my brother had them too. He was in so much pain. the worst pain you can imagine... the only thing I can tell you is to drink a plenty of water, it's a must, no salty food, plenty of vegetables, fruit, fish, lean meat .... 

The main cleanse actually involves eating 6 Large deep dish pizza's in one hour. The theory goes that if you can handle all that pizza and food in one hour, all other bodily problems are by comparison like a mousquite bite.  :innocent:

I'll try and limit the info here to Kidney stones specifically. A lot of this stuff can obviously be found with a few google searches. The important thing of note here is that kidney stones can form regardless of whether you have experienced any pain/symptoms or not; and if you have found proof of one and have had to do something about it, you can be assured that it's most likely not an isolated incident and you want to take steps to rectify and better the situation as soon as possible.

So you already know what kidney stones are, they are a coagulation and solidification of primarily uric acid and calcium. The preventative key would then be to stop this accumulation from happening and if you suspect you have one or more then the next step is to help the body break them down.

In brief here's two important things you want to be keeping an eye out - or both your eyes out for, at least when you are in the middle of experiencing pain and discomfort:

1. Water - how many of you are drinking your body weight in fluid ounces - NOT COUNTING water you drink to replenish during exercise? You need to be drinking enough to have to urinate every ~3 hours and your urine should be clear for the most part unless you are extensively supplementing with a B-complex supplement.

2. Some of you might have heard of the miracle of lemons and apple cider vinegar (acv). And whether you buy into alternative medicinal approach or not, and whether there's substantial medical research or not, there's a lot of empirical data showing the power of these two. Citric acid helps break down calcium and mineral deposits in our body, as does Magnesium and vitamin A.
Here's a quick source with feedback from a lot of people: and here's the treatment that a close friend of ours used to see huge improvement and relief:

Another method that I have heard a lot of involves lemons, coke and asparagus. Large amounts of coke - again I am guessing it has to do with the high levels of absorbc acid in Coke. Here's a link: - This actually seems pretty powerful, I'm intrigued as I am looking into this now.

Now I personally don't know how the olive oil works with the kidney since your lipid profile doesn't pass through the kidney. So I'd assume the lemon would help just as much if taken by itself to break down calcium - especially calcium phosphate and the olive oil should help soften the stones. On a side note, olive oil and lemon is an excellent and actually much mroe established cure for relieving gall stones.

Also, from my experience and research, lemon and ACV are interchangeable. I consider ACV to be a much stronger form of lemon as it has much of the same properties as lemon as well as the benefits of other things like pectin in apple - which is a fantastic liver cleanser and you can see a difference in your skin immediately. For 3 months, back in the day, I spiked my water everyday with ACV, 2 teaspoon per litre (~32 fl. oz) as a treatment for Acne and it definitely contributed to improvement. Then again I didn't have very much and I also did a 3 day apple diet that really cleared everything up. But the point is ACV is powerful stuff. If you do want to get it, get the raw form, organic, not the clear liquid type that you find in normal foodstores for wholesale.

3. If you are having pain much of the normal rules for physical discomfort apply. Warm/cold compress (at home we have a small pillowcase sealed with white rice in it, it's a handy heat bag whenever we want, just microwave for a couple minutes and you have a head bag ready), mild massaging, rest in a somewhat sitting position - not completely flat, just little things to alleviate pressure on the kidneys that could go a long way in making you feel comfortable.

4. Drink warm water with lemon squeezed in as well as natural relaxants and dirutics, such as aloe vera or dandellion root which is actually very good for kidneys.

Now like I said, all this is available on the net but unless one believes in or inclined to look at alternative cures, they might not be aware. Best partis that most of these things are relatively easy to implement, at some level make common sense, and for the most part should only help or do nothing. So it doesn't hurt to research and once you are fully convinced, give it a shot and see if it helps.

Finally, my dad is borderline Homepathic doctor, and he helps out plenty of our family and friends with all types of ailments. My family hasn't taken anti-biotics or pain killers of any sort for well over a decade, and I think that's pretty powerful especially considering the number of things my dad and my brother have been through over the years. If you are interested I'd definitely encourage you to look into it and again, feel free to contact me. You can pick up homepathic medicines for <$10 at your local nutrition store and you have nothing to lose. Homepathy has no side effects and is really safe, I could give you countless examples from personal history with family and friends to show how effective it has been in treating my brother's respiratory problems since he was a months old baby (for which the doctors hospitalized him and put him on steroids for days) to helping my 80+ year old grandmother recover from a cerebral hemmoraghe just months ago, and everything in between.

So a few options for you, hope some of it helps.

Last but not least, I'd recommend anyone who has given a second though about their health, and I think everyone should, to read this book, at least the first chapter of this book for what could be anything from a light interesting read to a life-changing eye-opening experience with regards to your health. This is what I was initially talking about but I realize he doesn't have anything specifically for Kidney stones so I refrained from mentioning this earlier.  Regardless, a very powerful little booko and a great start if anyone is interested in learning a bit more about their bodies and taking care of themselves.

Thanks professor, I will read all of that later, just got home from surgery.  They blasted it.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!


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