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I can't believe i hadn't posted about my tennis life here !!! :bright idea: it is..i've been interested in tennis from 2007..& was interested in PLAYING tennis from June 2009( after fed won that epic wimbledon against Roddick.. ;-())

I've downloaded a lot of matches & i enjoy watching Federer, roddick, Djokovic, Fernando Gonzalez, Tsonga & borg's matches..:)
My First experience of playing tennis was in sometime during July 2009..i & one of my friend( roddick fan) went to play on a hardcourt with some cheap rackets :)~ :)~...that court was pretty unused & didn't even have net..we fooled around for some time & stopped after 3 hours !! after that, we used to go to that darn useless court every sunday, tie a rope between the two poles( where they tie the net) & play whatever we could !! My friend used to play tennis in his childhood , so he was better than me !! He currently Plays National Level Badminton Matches !!

 I tasted the real tennis in April 2010 when i joined a tennis club after much persuasion to Dad !! It costed $14 per month & the court was kinda clay ! its a mixture between the clay & hardcourt..its called the Indian clay :shiny:.I purchased a cheap wilson racquet only to find out that my coach requested me to return the racquet to get a much better one.. i have so fond memories of that racquet..i even have photos of me posing with racquet( like hitting Forehand, Backhand, slicing.. :)~ :)~ :ice cream:..
Anyways, i returned the racquet & got myself a HEAD TITANIUM TI3000 !! MAn, that was an awesome racquet !! i continued playing tennis until May 2011 when the first test came !! :blue:
There was a state level match organised in my city & i thought: what the heck,i'll participate & gain experience ! :))
i submitted the fees & after 2 days, the draw released..My opponent : my coach !! :ranting: :paper bag: :insane:
i lost the 1st round..6-2.. :)~ but at that moment, i realized  if i could improve my game & my mental position, i could make an impact !!
i joined another club( as it was cheap & better !! :)~ :)~ ) It costs $30 for 3 months !! This club had some good players & a great coach !!
i tried to soak up as much tennis as possible !!

>>Fast forward>> October 2011>> another state level tourny was organized..i participated & went till semis !! :yahoo: :smartie:
i also won a local tourny during november 2011 & the prize money was $100 ( approx) !!

I play tennis everyday( 7 days a week) from 6.30 AM to 9 AM !:)
But currently, i discontinued tennis due to exams..i haven't played from February..& i m planning to rejoin tennis club on 24th April !! :)

My Details !!

Name: Ashwin
Age : 20 :cool: :shades:
Current Res: India
Height: 170 cms approx.
Weight: when i was playing tennis, around 65 -68 around 74 kg !! :( :blush: ::))11
Playing style : Right handed. like to volley during singles..both defensive & aggresive play suits me..but i feel aggresive is better for me..:)

Forehand: Right handed one handed..perhaps my strongest play !!
Backhand: i had a one handed backhanded, but then switched to two handed for more stability & power( on advice of coach)..

Skill on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being extreme beginner and 10 being my goal to reach..i'd say overall i am around 7 or 7.5
Forehand: 8
Backhand: 4
Volleys: 6
First Serve: speed :6 Consistency : 5
Second Serve : speed :4.5 or 5  Consistency : 8..i hardly double fault coz i hardly take risks..  ;-()
Speed : 7 ..

since i changed my backhand style, its pretty weak now..& believe it or not, i hate overheads..i somehow mis**t them 60% of the times..:(
i love to hit the one handed backhanded slices & the drop shot..

i won't comment on my mental strength, but i can say this..i get a little pissed off if i commit silly mistakes..( i tend to show it too by throwing my cap  :whistle:or criticizing myself )
i am trying to work on my mental strength though.. :innocent:
i like to play doubles, but not as much as singles..i prefer sngles more.. :)
My current racquet : PROKENNEX STAR-ACE !! I don't the specs correctly  ..-)

now comes the main part..since i've been away from playing tennis for around 3 months( Feb, march & also april ) now..
i seem to collected excess flab/weight.. :)) my current weight is around 74-76 kgs.. :(
i am mainly concerned with my thighs..they're disgustingly fat..

can you guys suggest any exercises i can do in my home to reduce the excess fat :Confused: ?? for example, i jog up & down 105 stairs for 2-4 times a day..
i need to get in shape asap..since i am planning to resume tennis play from april 24, i need to shed at least4 kgs if possible before i can play.. :whistle:

any help would be greatly appreciated..:)

Thanks for taking time to read my journal.. :innocent:
hope you liked it..:)
i'll try to update it as frequently as possible..:)

Wow, nice update!

If you are looking to get back into tennis shape running is a good start.  Sit up, push up, jumping jacks, anything would be good. 

Keep the updates coming?  MT will eat this up!


--- Quote from: Tennis4you on March 27, 2012, 08:32:41 AM ---Wow, nice update!

If you are looking to get back into tennis shape running is a good start.  Sit up, push up, jumping jacks, anything would be good. 

Keep the updates coming?  MT will eat this up!

--- End quote ---

i am glad you liked it..:)
thanks for the suggestions.. :lmao:

4kg in less than a month is a little drastic but you can drop 2-3 healthily. It all starts with your diet, limit your caloric intake and keep working out, here's a quick guide for numbers:

Looks like you're well on your path to being really good at tennis though! :good: :))

Hi ashwin, nice updates here. May I ask where exactly in india are you from? There are some really good tennis courts that i could suggest if you are in a city that I frequent. (Since you had to tie ropes for nets  :rofl_2:)


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